Computerised Imaging

Dr Lydia Lim’s practice uses computerised imaging to  analyse and plan patients undergoing orthognthic surgery. The process involves having a facial x-ray taken which is scanned into the computer, calibrated, and then the bony landmarks on the x-ray are digitised by Dr Lim. This allows an analysis of the skeletal structures in relation to the face. A lateral photo is taken of the patient and merged with the x-ray. The software is manipulated by Dr Lim to simulate the surgical movements and the image is morphed to show the possible “before and after” outcome of the planned jaw movements. Of course, this is a computer simultation only and does not necessary guarantee the final outcome however, Dr Lim and her patients have found it to be a valuable communication tool. This plan is then translated to the laboratory where the movements are done on stone models mounted on a mechanical jaw.